Company name: Remunzo s.r.o.
Registered office: Hybernská 1033/7, Nové Město, 110 00 Prague 1, the Czech Republic
ID No.: 199 90 081
Address for delivery of electronic mail:

Nature of the services provided under the Brokerage Agreement

We offer you free of charge brokerage of enforcement of your claim for damages, compensation for non-pecuniary damage, and for the recovery of unjust enrichment by third parties in the cases listed on our website Based on the documents and other information that you provide to us after entering into the Brokerage Agreement, we will decide whether to mediate contact with a third party, which may be a law firm, investor, expert or other entity, to pursue your claim. 

Our services in no way include legal services, legal advice or other legal solutions.

Duration and termination of the obligation under the Brokerage Agreement 

The Brokerage Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. The obligation under the Brokerage Agreement may be terminated at any time by giving 1 (one) month’s written notice. You may withdraw from the Brokerage Agreement within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of conclusion of the agreement, using the form on our website The withdrawal form is attached as Annex 1 to this information. 

The termination of an obligation under the Brokerage Agreement you enter into with us does not affect the existence of an obligation under a contract you may enter into with a third party in connection with the recovery of your claim. 

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (Česká obchodní inspekce), with its registered office at Štěpánská 796/44, 110 00 Prague 1, ID No.: 000 20 869, Internet address:, is competent for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes arising from brokerage agreements. 

The following entities are also authorised to resolve disputes out of court:

Association of Czech Consumers, (Sdružení českých spotřebitelů z. ú.), with registered office: Pod Altánem 99/103; 100 00 Praha 10 – Strašnice, phone: +420 261 263 574, mailbox ID: x7yb9p9, e-mail: web: The procedural rules are available on the website of the Association of Czech Consumers:

Consumer Ombudsman, (Spotřebitelský ombudsman z. ú.), with registered office: K Lesíku 70/1, Praha, Phone: 212 249 404, mailbox ID: 2e7zstb E-mail: Website: The procedural rules are available on the ADR entity’s website, see

The online dispute resolution platform set up by the European Commission can be used to resolve any consumer disputes arising from online contracts. This is an interactive website that allows consumers to submit a complaint online via an electronic form. For more information, visit

The European Consumer Centre Czech Republic (Evropské spotřebitelské centrum Česká republika), with registered office at Štěpánská 796/44, 110 00 Prague 1, internet address:  is the contact point under Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC (Regulation on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes).