Our Story

Our journey began in 2016, born from a passion for law and justice within our parent company, LitFin, the first provider of financial solutions for medium and large disputes in Central and Eastern Europe. The founding of our company was driven by a desire to change the way legal disputes are approached, making them accessible to everyone.


Since then, we’ve handled dozens of legal cases with an estimated average success rate of 85% and a total value exceeding 1 billion euros. Our cases, often compared to “David vs. Goliath” due to their complexity, time consumption, and strong opposition, have been esteemed for their impact. Yet, the process remains effortless for our clients as we take care of everything.

Our Success Formula

1) ‘No Win, No Fee’ Strategy – We only get paid if our clients win. By taking care of costs like court and lawyer fees, we’re always driven to win. Right now, we win about 85% of our cases.

2) Expertise in Group Lawsuits – Our specialization in group lawsuits brings together thousands of clients, enhancing our strength. This collective approach, combined with our expert negotiation skills, helps us achieve higher compensation and a greater chance of success.

3) Partnerships with Law Firms – As we know we can’t be everywhere, we’ve teamed up with many trusted law firms around the world. This allows us to help clients from many countries, offering them the best legal help, no matter where they are.

4) Proven Track Record – Having handled dozens of cases, we’ve grown into one of the leading European financial litigation firms, managing cases worth over 1 billion euros.

5) Justice Made Easy – Our clients only need to fill out a quick 2-minute form. After that, we handle everything from start to finish. They can sit back while our experienced team works hard on their cases.

Expanding Our Reach

In 2023, we decided to digitize the entire process and make justice just a few clicks away with our online platform, Remunzo. First launched in the EU in the area of data breaches, we later expanded Remunzo to cover other legal areas as well. This step has positioned us as a leading company in funding legal disputes across the European Union, making justice more accessible and efficient than ever.

Our Mission

Our mission at Remunzo is to make it possible for everyone to challenge big companies in court without high costs and with minimal effort involving only a 2-minute claim form. We aim to ensure that everyone can defend their rights and seek justice. We believe in a legal system that’s accessible and fair for all.

Our Vision

We’re working to make a world where taking big companies to court is simple and just a few clicks away for everyone, no matter their money, skills, or background. Our goal is to build a future where it’s easy for all people to stand up for their rights and get justice.


Our team counts over 80+ skilled lawyers from 8 countries and many partner law firms working on your claims. You can trust us to take good care of your claims. For a more detailed introduction to our full team, we invite you to visit our dedicated Team page. Below, meet our founders, who are committed to ensuring the highest quality of service and upholding the excellence that defines our firm.

jan | Injury

Jan Eisenreich, Founder | Li

A lawyer who focuses on the legal aspects of fintech, IT, and new media, Jan studied law at Charles University and the University of Miami. After university, Jan worked in various international law firms before starting his own legal business, helping thousands of companies update their legal documents digitally and responding to changes in the Civil Code. He also actively publishes on the law of new technologies, especially in scientific journals.

maros | Injury

Maroš Kravec, Founder | Li

Recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30, Maroš has over 7 years of experience in litigation finance. His expertise in European and International tax law, mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, and corporate governance has been instrumental in helping clients and partners achieve optimal results. He holds law degrees from Belgium and the UK, where he also served as the Vice President of his university’s law society. He also contributed as a law teacher in Sweden, offering deep insights into the legal field to students.

ondrej | Injury

Ondřej Tyleček, Founder | Li

A lawyer who brings international experience from his work as a consultant in Mexico, Vietnam, and Austria and his time with various global law firms, Ondřej holds a Master’s in Competition Law and Economics from the Brussels School of Competition and a Law Doctorate from Masaryk University. Since 2019, Ondřej has specialized in litigation finance, applying his diverse legal and economic expertise.


We have earned notable recognition in the field of litigation finance from respected legal organizations. We have notably been recommended by Chambers, Legal 500, and Leaders League, all known for their thorough assessment of legal services. These endorsements highlight our expertise and position us as one of the leading firms in litigation finance.

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