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Affected by a data breach? See if you’re eligible for compensation.

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Trending: Recent Facebook data breach exposed 540 million user’s data and you might be one of them! You could be eligible for up to €500 compensation. Check if your account is affected and get paid ➡️

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    Trusted by thousands of clients

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    No Win, No Fee

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    ≈ 85% success rate

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Helping You Stand Up for Yourself

Stand against corporate giants. Want what’s yours? Alone, you might be overlooked, but together, we make an impact. Join us at no upfront cost. Together with thousands, we amplify your voice and maximize your compensation.

  • No Win, No Fee Guarantee
  • ≈ 85% success rate
  • Join thousands of others
  • Maximized compensations
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How Does It Work?

1. Check your compensation

Submit your details, and we’ll quickly check if you’re eligible for compensation – and it won’t cost you anything.

2. Submit your claim

You only need 5 minutes to submit your claim, and our team will handle everything after that. All you have to do is wait for your money.

3. You get paid

Once the sued company settles the compensation, we’ll notify you and send you the money minus our fee.

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We Only Get Paid When You Do

You pay nothing upfront. Usually, our fee equals 25-30% of the money we win for you. This makes us work extra hard to get you the highest compensation possible.

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It turns out you’re entitled to compensation. Click on the button and follow the instructions to get it.

You are eligible for up to:


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    About Remunzo

    Remunzo is an online legal-tech platform enabling you to easily take legal action against big companies to get compensation for misdeeds without high costs or any effort. It only takes a few clicks.

    Our mission at Remunzo is to make it possible for everyone to challenge big companies in court without high costs and with minimal effort involving only a 2-minute claim form. We aim to ensure that everyone can defend their rights and seek justice. We believe in a legal system that’s accessible and fair for all.

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    • Thousands of clients trust us

    • No upfront fee

    • ≈ 85% success rate

    • We are international